Dog walking and pet sitting services     

Happy Pets Scotland helps pet owners in North East Fife and Dundee who, due to work, or other commitments, do not have as much free time as they would like to spend with their pets. We also offer an alternative to kennels for dogs, cats and small animals.

 Dogs require physical and mental stimulation every day to stay in top condition. Most dogs need at least two walks a day to stay healthy, but experts estimate only about 50% get this.     Many common   behavioural problems, including chewing,  excessive barking                
  and destructiveness, can be caused by isolation, boredom and insufficient exercise.  Our 'muddy paws' walks provide a long free run (1- 1½ hours, excluding transport time) in the beautiful Tentsmuir Forest and beach, far away from traffic, with all the smells and companionship a dog could wish.  We walk in small groups, so each dog has room to play and gets individual attention.  

More and more owners now prefer to leave their pets in their own familiar environment, expecially for short breaks, rather than putting them through the disruption of kennels.  We visit your pet every day, as often as you decide, to make sure they are well looked after and secure.         



Happy Pets have Muddy Paws!